Sunday, March 3, 2013

Epic Trade Post - Night Owl

I doubt there is a reader of my blog out there that doesn't also read the 2X blog of the year Night Owl so I am guessing this post comes as a surprise to nobody.  However, there is no way I could skip a celebration of this EPIC trade that we pulled off a couple weeks back.  Typical to our normal trading patterns, it involved an exchange of Giants for Dodgers.  However, these first few cards are the only thing I would characterize as normal:
Nice little group hear including the awesome Target parallel of my card of the year with Romo and Posey starting the World Series celebration.  The Willie Mays chasing history chronicling his quest for 600 HRs is a nice looking card as well.

The next card included in the trade might not be completely out of the question in a "normal" trade but it is still a sweet looking Giants Team card out of 1958 Topps.
 I actually had a copy of this card but it was in really bad shape so this is a very nice upgrade.  Mr. Mays is conspicuously absent from this team photo and it is about a year or two until Willie McCovey comes into the picture for the Giants.  I was very happy to get this card in the trade.

Now here is where the trade reaches Epic proportions:

I cannot believe I traded for a 1957 Willie Mays!!!

I have had this card out on my desk waiting to write this post for a few days and every time my eyes pass over it, I pause and get a big smile across my face.  I have been able to pick up a lot of very nice cards over my collecting career and even pulled a few rare cards myself but I can honestly say that I now have a card in my collection that I never thought I would have.

I have always been a huge fan of the simplicity of this set and love how there is little interference with the photo, this set reminds me of some of the older Bowman sets in that respect.  To have the card of the best player to ever play the game from my favorite team from one of my favorite sets is just wonderful.

While we have different favorite teams and are very passionate about the love of our teams (and the hatred for the rival) I believe both Greg and I are baseball fans with respect for those that played the game decades ago.  Even though he is a Dodger, I have respect for Duke Snider and giving up two of his cards from the 50s would normally be a tough call (just as I am sure giving up this Mays card took some serious thought from Greg) in the words of the mighty Night Owl, it was definitely worth it.

Thank you for the trade my friend1


  1. Awesome card. Greg's an awesome trader.

  2. One of my favorite trades ever. Enjoy!

  3. I thought all trade posts were supposed to be boring! I'm not sure that "epic" even gets close to how awesome this card is! Congrats!

  4. That is a beautiful card, to say the least. Congrats on a truly "epic" trade!