Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PWE Love from Jaybarkerfan's Junk

I don't think I would get too much of an argument from anyone in the blogosphere that Wes from the blog Jaybarkerfan's Junk is the most generous blogger around.  Over the past few months I have gotten a number of Plain White Envelops (PWE) in the mail from Alabama containing great cards of my favorite teams.  They usually are Giants heavy but an occasional 49er card pops out of the envelope.  As I try and get the backlog of cards organized, scanned and sorted off my desk I ran across the 3 most recent PWEs and thought I would share them all in one post.

 I seem to be the resting place for all unwanted Barry Bonds cards and I love it.  The Sportflics card is awesome, I need to go after all the Giants from the various iterations of Sportflics as they are some of my favorite cards.  The back of the Prime Nine card celebrates Barry's 40/40 year.  The SP cards were top notch when they came out and I still think they stand up well today.  Gotta love the boxing gloves on Rod Beck.  I am also a big fan of the Metal releases and it seems like all the insert sets feature both Bonds and Matt Williams which I love.  More great cards to chase down.  Finally a nice dual insert of Barry with Miguel Tejada - remember when he was a Longball Threat?  Great group of cards out of PWE #1!

Here is PWE #2.   I have always been a Barry Zito fan, even when he struggled I was (silently most of the time to avoid ridicule) a fan and was very happy to see him bounce back during the regular season and have a great post season.  Saw an interview recently with Bud Black during a Spring Training guy - seems to be a top notch MLB manager.  Glad to add this 1st Day parallel from one of my favorite sets.  Speaking of parallels, the Royce Clayton is a gold parallel.  A dup of the SP Barry Bonds - still a great card in a great set.  The Bonds in depth insert is a little busy but I like the concept of the back (see below).  Another dual insert, this time a Family Tree this time with Bobby and Barry Bonds - very cool card.  Before going all in on collecting Giants, I had started a Bobby collection.
Here is the back of the In Depth card.  I like the breakdown of 1st half/2nd half, home/away and day/night, some good insight on a card back.

Finally my most recent PWE from Wes:
More good stuff.  Always a fan of getting a minor league card from a former Giants farmhand.  I don't have a checklist of these cards so they are all new to me.  The Renteria was a big need, I like the gold border cards and don't have enough of them from 2009.  Will the Thrill Clark always puts a smile on my face, he was my favorite post McCovey Giant.  Finally a nice, thick football card of Super Bowl runner up Frank Gore.  The Strata product is very nice, I like the card stock quality and design and am glad to add a card of next year's Super Bowl winner.

Wes you are a great friend, I really appreciate your generosity!

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  1. That longball threat card is pretty nice. Busy, but in a very good way.