Friday, March 8, 2013

Trade/Gift Post - Johngy's Beat & 1973 Topps Set Quest - Post 4

Back in early January, I got an email out of the blue from Johngy over at Johngy's Beat.  Johngy's blog is primarily about celebrities and pop culture and he has a knack for getting pictures with and interviews of interesting people.  He also has a cool feature of showcasing celebrities in sports apparel and making cards of them - very cool. 

Johngy's email stated he had stumbled across my blog and had some help for my 1973 set and wanted to help me out and was asking for nothing in return.  I recall several blog posts from other bloggers where he did the same thing and boy he did not disappoint!

Here are the cards Johngy sent my way in all there 1973 glory:
 The first grouping of 9 includes 2 rookie cup cards and a checklist that is in great condition. I recall as a kid getting upset when a checklist popped up but now I realize how hard it is to track them down in good condition.  I am also loving the bright color pop from Nate Colbert's Padres jersey!
 There are 3 great action photos in this grouping and a nice batting cage photo.  The variety of photo types for this set always pleases me when I thumb through a stack of these cards.
 Here is a collection of all posed shots with many of them taking place at spring training sites. I am not sure if the Topps photographers were on a tight budget or what during this time frame but I always enjoy looking into the background to see what scenery was captured.
I remember Bobby Grich only as an Angel but it is cool to get this card right after his first full season as an Oriole.  I think he was pretty underrated as a player, for a few years he was one of the best second basemen in the game.

 This batch of 9 includes 3 manager/coach cards.  I like the inclusion of these as it gives some cardboard space to some past greats by including the coaches in addition to the managers.  The Indians card includes Rocky Colavito and Warren Spahn which I find very cool and the Pirates card in the second group features Bill Mazeroski.  The bottom 3 cards ended up being dups from the trade package I got from Wrigley Wax but 1 or 2 of them ended up being condition upgrades which is always cool.

Johngy, thank you so much for your generosity, I really appreciate it.  Keep up the great and entertaining work on you blog!

Here are some stats tracking my progress, I am getting pretty close to my 2013 goal already:

Total Cards added in this post - 42
Total Cards from 1-528 added in this post - 33
Cards added with BV $10 or higher in this post - 0
Progress on cards with BV $10 or higher - 14/22
Updated status towards 2013 goal - 510/528
Updated status towards complete set - 586/660

If you have any of my wants for trade let me know.  I will keep my progress updated on the blog as well and my want list up to date.

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