Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Contest

Now that pitchers and catchers have reported, I am getting all geared up for baseball season.  Whenever I can I have the MLB Network on to listen to and watch preseason games to get myself back in gear and build to the excitement of opening day.

I am very much looking forward to this season with the Giants trying to defend their World Championship and fight off the (new Yankees of the west) Dodgers and the rest of their division foes.  Each year around this time I get excited in anticipation of all the great things that happen as a result of the starting of the baseball season.

For this week's contest, just share one or more things that you like about the start of the baseball season.  The deadline to enter will be Monday at 9 PM PST.  I will random off all the entries and the winner will get a prize from the Prize Page. If I can get up to date on some scanning, I should have some more options posted by the end of this contest.

Here are a few of my favorite things about this time of the year:
  1. Reviewing all the preseason predictions and write ups for all the baseball teams - I used to go out and buy 2-3 of the magazines but now primarily serf the web for all I can find.
  2. Preparing for my annual preseason fantasy baseball draft
  3. Anticipating having a game to listen to almost every single night.  Outside of the final round or two of the playoffs and March Madness basketball can no longer hold my interest.
  4. Spending my weekends out at the local field with my boys - this year is the first time both will be playing so it will be a lot of time.
  5. Planning a trip to get up to SF to watch a Giants in AT&T Park - the best stadium in baseball.
This is a card blog so I can have a post without a card:
Check out this sweet blue bordered parallel from 2010 Opening Day featuring the 2012 MVP Buster Posey.  This card of his is one of the better rookie cards of the last few years with the dugout picture and his partial catchers gear.  The mask is sweet and I am loving the black Giants jersey.  I won this card in drawing at Valley Sports Cards (I actually passed up a signed Clayton Kershaw to get this card) a couple months back.  I can't wait for Opening Day.

Good luck in the contest!


  1. Last year was my first time going to Spring Training, and it was so awesome, I'll be going again this year. Going to ST last year was the highlight of my baseball season, it was so awesome. I'd love for it to become a tradition, but we'll see... it's a little pricey, going from Texas to meet family in San Diego and then driving out to AZ.

  2. The start of Baseball season for me means that:
    * The snow is on it's way out
    * My son starts his season in LL Majors
    * Blogs seem to get more active
    * Red Wings baseball games with the kids.

  3. my buddies and I have a long-running fantasy league so I always look forward to that on top of the obvious "HELL YES BASEBALL IS BACK!".

    also, I hope to make it out to Spring Training next year.

  4. One thing I like about the start of baseball:

    The rest of the world finally comes to its senses and realizes that baseball is the sport that you lead with at the top of every broadcast, the way it should be 12 months out of the year.

    (Shame on you for passing up a Kershaw auto).

  5. The fact that the MLB season almost always opens during my spring break is one of my favorite aspects of it. The nicer weather is always welcome, too.

    Even during spring training, the feeling of coming home from school and putting the ballgame on is infinitely special. That's really what I love most about the dawn of baseball season.

    And, of course, the start of the baseball season means new cards, which is always a plus. :)

  6. Baseball season means.. Rita's Water Ice is OPEN!!! which is awesome! Also, I'm excited for the Phillies bounce back year and them winning the division again.! Also the start of baseball is hockey post season which is always fun to watch.. not sure if that counts but thats what motivates me!

  7. Half-price Mondays and $1 Hot Dog Wednesdays at my local minor league baseball team! As much as I love MLB, it's very difficult to keep me out of my minor league park. It's like my home away from home! There's just something about the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of the crack of the bat, the chatter from the dugout, and of course enjoying a cold one while working on a bag of peanuts.

    Stupid winter... always getting in the way.

  8. I like listening to the Cardinals on the radio again just like during the season.

  9. Having something to look forward to on the days/nights that my boys are playing, Win or Lose, let's go get 'em!! PLAY BALL!!! Got to renew my At Bat 'scription for the radio...

  10. Last night at my daughter's first softball practice, it was raining hard, so we were under cover, but everyone was so excited to be there. The coach kept reminiscing about the smells of the ball fields and the dugouts. I guess that's what I'm looking forward to the most, the feel of the baseball experience. Nothing has an experience quite like baseball!

  11. Oh man, this time of the year is best. MLB Network (which I just got back!) stops running the same damn trade news over and over again and actually has something to talk about. Best of all, every year, I'm shocked and awed by the beauty of the diamond, the emerald greens, the dirt, the crack of the bat. Baseball in springtime is pure poetry to save us from the winter.

  12. Warm Breezes. Seeing Wrigley Field in the sunlight. The hope that a miracle will happen this year and the Cubs will win the Wrold Series.

  13. Opening Day means Hope. Hope that the Buccos maybe, just maybe, can have a winning season.

  14. I'm excited. I'm heading down to the lower 48 to see family in mid April and we are planning on hitting a couple Brewers games at Miller Park. I've never been to the Stadium as when I left for Alaska the Crew was still playing in County Stadium. We even might get to take in another Cubbies game at Wrigley too.

  15. The reasons I look forward to Opening Day varies from year to year. This year, I'm pretty excited to see if the A's can pull off another miracle. Another thing is... the sooner baseball starts, the sooner they'll stop talking about the damn 49ers on the radio.

  16. Hearing spring training games on the radio or watching them on the TV...meaning the winter months are coming to an end and spring is on the way.

  17. I just found your blog, and hope I've entered in time.

    I love spring time baseball because it remind me of growing up in Michigan, waiting for the snow to thaw, because when the snow was going away, that meant the Tigers were in sunny Florida getting ready for the new baseball season at old Tiger Stadium.

    Now I live in Florida, but am still just as excited for baseball, especially because my Tigers played in the World Series last year.

    Go Tigers!