Friday, March 29, 2013

The Joy of a Completed Set

Over the past few years I have decided to complete the Topps flagship sets in their entirety - Series 1 base and inserts, Series 2 and inserts and Update and inserts.   I believe I have done this since 2007.  Some years are easier than others depending on the popularity of the inserts and the size of the sets.  Last year proved to be quite a challenge for me as there were several insert sets with 50 cards in each series.  I actually still have cards on my 2010 want list as I decided (like an idiot) to complete the original back Cards My Mom Threw Out reprints. If you happen to have any for trade, please check out my want list!

A few days back I decided that it was time to seek out the last 3 2012 inserts regardless of cost.  I had some paypal ready to go and went to Sportlots. I was lucky enough to fine one seller who had all 3!  I never get that lucky.  So for your viewing pleasure, here are the final 3:

 I am liking the Musial and Ripken photos - both very sold choice.  I am almost done with a Stan Musial biography book which has been a pretty good read. The Stan the Man card celebrates an extra innings game winning homer in 1962.  The Golden Moments card of McCutchen celebrates a couple of 2 homer games that he hit a couple games apart.

As I always do when shopping on Sportlots, I sought out other cards I need for the seller to keep the shipping cost per card down.  Here are 4 Update Giants parallels I was able to pick up.

When capturing these Giants on my master spreadsheet, I noticed I did not do a good job on the Giants parallels from Update so over the next couple months I am going to have to try and remedy that.  First up though is tracking down those tough to find 2013 The Greats and Cut to the Chase inserts.  I am going to have to break down and spend some coin to keep the streak alive.

Very glad to put another year of Topps to rest.  I still have a few 2012 sets on my want list that I need to finish up as well.  Thanks for reading!

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