Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trade Post - Another Bunch of Trades

I have been so blessed to have connected up on so many traders this year.  I started off my tracking all the trades but have lost track of a few on my spreadsheet with the fast and furious trade packages arriving.  I thought I would share a few smaller trades that have gone down over the past few weeks.

First up are some cards sent to me from Greg at Night Owl Cards.  These actually arrived before our Epic Trade took place but I am just getting around to showing them.

These were all set needs from my want list.  The Panini Cooperstown card is one of the colorized SPs from the base set.  I have shared my level of enjoyment in this set and I would actually love to collect the entire set and all the inserts some day.  I haven't invested much into it since buying some boxes so if you picked up a few pack and have some cards laying around, check out my want list.  These 2 Topps cards reminds me that I still need 3 inserts for my 2012 Topps Update set - may be time to hit Sportlots.

This 1971 card with the sweet airbrush hat job was actually a Giants card that I had however one day I will be putting together this set so this will go into the vintage box.  The Matt Williams Star cards is a pretty random card for a Dodgers collector to have but I am glad it made its way to me.

Thanks for another good trade Greg!

Next up a trade with Brian from 30-Year Cardboard.
Brian shot these 3 Giants to me from 2013 Topps and I was very glad to add them.  Put me on record as a fan with the increased number of Target and Walmart parallels this year.  I shouldn't have a problem finishing either set this year.  The Cut to the Chase die cut cards are just fabulous, nice job on this insert set.  Brian has to be the most frequent poster in the blogosphere so make sure to check him out.  Thanks for the help on the Giants.

Speaking of Giants help, here are some cards I received in a trade with cynical buddah over at Collector's Crack:

 Four Giants from the 2013 Topps release including a Barry Zito dup, oops. Oh well, my son will enjoy the card.  Every time I see the Lincecum card I thoroughly enjoy the picture Topps used and how it fits perfectly into the card frame.  Hoping Hunter Pence can have a nice year for the Giants in his free agent year.  Can't top the Willie Mays Chasing History insert this year.
The crux of the trade included the swap of a couple manupatches, I sent a Ryan Braun out his way and received this awesome Will Clark card in return.  A perfect card swap that made both of us happy. Thanks Mark for the great trade.

This trade was a 2 card PWE swap with reader Brian.  I sent a Fernando Rodney Spring Fever and Adam Dunn Foil Chasing History insert his way and got these two nice cards in return:
The Mattingly was a set need, I now have the entire Chasing History set.  The Musial doesn't fit into a particular need but I am reading a biography on Stan the Man and thought this would be a card I enjoy. Thanks for reading and thanks for the trade Brian.

Finally to round out this trade post is a trade with Jeff at 2X3 Heroes.  Jeff won a contest of mine so I sent him some Ginter singles towards his sets and he sent me these nice Panini Cooperstown cards:
A great quartet of cards and some help towards my set.  Thanks Jeff for the contest entry and for the set help.

I have been having so much fun with all these trades, keep me in mind if you want to swap. I still have a half dozen or more posts to get out so if I haven't shown your cards please have some patience.

Happy Trading!

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